Rome or death, one-man JPT

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JPT (James Philip Thompson) After leaving school at 16 years old and have held a variety of jobs in the industrial city of Birmingham, decides to pursue a career of Goldsmith, making his training at the School of Jewellery in his hometown.

Obtained a good experience working in the laboratories and factories of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, continues his career by accepting a job at a jewelry store in the ancient spa town of Bath. Here discovers a very different way of life than the     his hometown. The culture shock induced in him a strong desire to understand why this difference and the urgent feeling of frustration,     brings him to express themselves through painting.

In the absence of the typical academic artistic formation, using the         classical materials of painting, canvas and acrylic with an intact and untouched, allowing him to establish their own rules of conduct within his works.


An invitation to visit Rome brings JPT one year and frequent short trips in the capital.

His point of view is not that of a tourist.     Initially uninterested in him, what were then the people and their culture to catch his attention. And are these constants     transitions between two cultures, combined in the mind of the artist,     that     will be transferred onto the canvas.


Rome became the catalyst of this conscious process. For this reason, the artist has felt the need to be closer to its source of inspiration, relocating for a longer period in the capital.

During his stay he undertook a more anthropological approach, geared to the study of social classes in the history of Rome, an approach that seeks to understand and decipher, making a comparison with its city of origin, the causes of contemporary culture and its possible evolution.


Genre: Contemporary art-Special guests as part of the event openARtmarket
Title: Rome or death
Artist: JPT

curated by Antoinette Campilongo

Organization – Press Office: nwart
Period: from March 17 to April 28, 2012    
Location: Show
Address: Via Santa Maria in Monticelli 66
City: 00186 Rome

Vernissage: Saturday, March 17, 2012   18.00 hours
Opening hours:  from Monday to Saturday, 15.30-19.30
Admission: free

Info: -  Tel. 339     4394399 0861275  -392

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