Enrico Salis archetipo 1

The goal that Enrico Salis He tried to reach with this table is to break the link between the object and its archetype. Enrico Salis intent so awaken the imagination of the observer from the daily routine.

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There is much talk of Green Economy, enhancing a virtuous economic development model that analyzes the system not only from the point of view of profit, but also considers the environmental impact and potential environmental damage linked to it.

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Hemp Chair, designer/architect of Berlin Werner Aisslinger, is the first monoblock Chair, designed using natural fibres hot forged and using

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This is a small house in the Woods, surrounded by beautiful nature   rich.

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This draft REC Arquitectura was undertaken to create a showroom so that issues such as the view and exposure are project factors that prevail over form. Considering the climate aspect

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The architects of Darkitectura were called to set up a space for offices of 18 × 10 m, have dismantled the existing panels and rediscovered the ceiling, with the intent of generating a new spatiality and the project requested an advertising agency; services, offices and a large area where focus creative agency focus.

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ecooler, the draft Mey and Boaz Kahn, is a kind of tile system connected by joints, creating a cooling Grill that works by evaporating the water. The aesthetics of the project is that of one of the two landmarks of the Middle Eastern tradition used in this project: the Mashrabiya, an element

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The Austrian study architekten hertl offers this very special project, a multi-story building consisting of two apartments in Kronstorf.   building, which once housed a restaurant, is treated with a textile skin that gives the building a new light, and an interesting curtain effect.

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Lichtkiste is a project of the German designer Clemens TissIt is so simple as it seems, with a power cord and a light bulb to complete the project. The top can be used as a coffee table, or by arranging well sides as handy shelving system.

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The House is a project of Yang Shimada/Tatoakitekutsu and is located at the foot of Mount Hiei, near the border between the Kyoto and Shiga.
The customer is an artist, who needed an atelier and a House for his family, as well as a place for his parents that he wants to close down the future.

The architects tell us about their project:

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