The German photographer Lucas Zimmermann took advantage of fog descended in Weimar in Germany for capture the light of traffic lightsin these photos, which calls "Traffic Lights" look great colored bands.

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01 Nathalie Daoust  China Dolls

As part of PHOTO-Festival Internazionale di Roma, ILEX presents new work by Canadian artist Nathalie Daoust, China Dolls.
The 12TH Edition of PHOTOGRAPHY explores the theme of Vacatio, or the suspension and the absencecrosses the inter-language   research of contemporary photography.

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federico annicchiarico power set

Intime Offtime, the first view of Frederick Abdulla.  Fifteen shots investigating the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, intelligent, discreet eye of the photographic medium.

Cognitive images, photographs as personal documents of the soul, the intimate essence in a time defined by the click. So it presents the first exhibition of Frederick Abdulla entitled Intimate Offitime, 15 shots between Brussels, Rome, Genoa, Brindisi, investigating the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, intelligent, discreet eye of the photographic medium.

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421LOCANDINA scuderi

"La fotografia è per me un fuoco che brucia dentro, capace di tenermi sveglio la notte, di non farmi sentire la fatica quando mi porto treppiedi e luci su in cima ad una montagna, e di tenermi in una stato di perenne “attivazione” mentale ed emotiva.

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Noell S Oszvald 07

Leave literally breathless Hungarian photographer images Noell S. Fortyou could stare at them for hours.

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Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future is a series of geometric collages created by Vancouver artist Randy Grskovic. The project is based on photographs found and distortion of memories captured within each frame. After discovering and collected the photographs in flea markets or antique stores, Grskovic makes literally slices to then reconstruct back like a puzzle.

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The photographer and designer Emmanuel Salim WINS international award Fragmented City with one click of the reportage "Working Class Hero"reconnaissance in Piaggio and Pontedera Piaggio Village annexed (Pisa). The competition is organized by Frontierthe community of young artists and designers born from the collaboration between reality from three continents: NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Milan), Domus Academy (Milan), New School of Architecture and Design (San Diego, California), Santa Fe University of Art and Design (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Media Design School (Premium Design Academy in Auckland, New Zealand).

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"Working Class Hero" a report on an industrial reality in Italian Emmanuel Salim

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Emmanuel Salim, fotoreportage "Zimbabwian Children on Street"

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"The photographs can reach eternity through time."
Henri Cartier-bresson

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