The momentum toward the future and the desire to keep alive the past coexist in Rememberme   Casamania!

Rememberme   ChairCasamania  si fa spokesman of current topics on sustainability and recycling (is made entirely with old jeans) and a means of giving a new life to objects that are unknowingly but profoundly handicapped memories and memoirs.

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Collerette pouf is a collaboration between the French Les M (Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel) and  Casamania  that turns into a comfortable seat with blanket.

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Fabio Novembrepresented at Salone del Mobile 2011, this free-standing shelving polished metal robot-shaped   for the brand Casamania design called Robox, shelving has a frame at the top and

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Flos, Milano Design Week 2011

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