The momentum toward the future and the desire to keep alive the past coexist in Rememberme   Casamania!

Rememberme   ChairCasamania  si fa spokesman of current topics on sustainability and recycling (is made entirely with old jeans) and a means of giving a new life to objects that are unknowingly but profoundly handicapped memories and memoirs.

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Collerette è il nuovo pouf nato dalla collaborazione tra le francesi Les M (Céline Merhand e Anaïs Morel) e Casamania che si trasforma in una comoda seduta con coperta.

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Fabio Novembre, ha presentato al Salone del Mobile 2011, questa scaffalatura autoportante in metallo lucidato a forma di robot per il marchio Casamania design chiamata Robox, la scaffalatura ha una cornice in alto e

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Flos, Milano Design Week 2011

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Frank Gehry, OHR O'Keefe mu ...

pod00The recent new opening is the first phase of the OHR O'Keefe Museum of art to Bilo and. ..

"Monolithic" House in metall and. ..

Casa  monolitica  in metallo nel deserto, di Steven HollAs a metallic monolith buried in the sand, this building was create ...

Tiny Houses

Aires Mateus Architects/"Etc.

Aires Mateus Cabanas no Rio-005 Cabanas no Rio, literally "on the Huts", one of the last re ...

Yasutaka Yoshimura Proof Etc.

yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-window-house-designboom-02Placed on a compact strip of land between the sea and the road, Yasuta...



VERVE_08A veritable atelier of design ideas, insights and research experience to ...

Save Nadal/El Nebot of ...

el nebot del persianer-19El Nebot of persianer is the project recently presented at the Feria Hàbit...


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