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The two designers of Siena Va + aM DesignValentina Cresti and Marco Barazzuoli, we propose this project, winner of the Sun Lab 2010. Simple and effective in his playful approach the project consists of a target, applicable to existing waste baskets, inviting passersby to their use.

They say the designers:

"Shot the garbage!" is more than a product, a playful approach and an invitation to use the recycle bins for waste collection. The passerby, stimulated by the shooting, will be prodded to start refusing to trash trying to hit the attractive silhouettes rather than throw it on the ground; in this way we will have a double advantage: an amused and a cleaner environment!


Va + aM Design with this project, Sun Lab 2010 winnersignificantly, it faces a strong topical theme, such as waste collection, with a vein of irony. The versatility of the project means that you can apply to the broadest possible number of public baskets, on which we are not deliberately taken to intervene so as not to affect the economy, already in crisis, users: municipalities, playgrounds, water parks, areas equipped ...Shot the Garbage! is a low-cost project, that any institution, public or private, can afford.


Взявшись за тихонько ключ она повернула его,.

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Правда, я не был беспристрастным наблюдателем.

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Уже " ЭтоСтроптивая женатретий на этой неделе ", заметил сосед-справа.

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