Panasonic Photosyntesis, Milan Design Week 2012

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panasonic photosyntesis

The installation was designed by the architect Photosyntesis Akihisa Hirata at the Università degli Studi di Milano will show the company's solutions for the generation, management and energy savings and for a sustainable future.

Panasonic Corporation will present the latest integrated solutions for generation, accumulation, saving and energy management on the occasion of an exhibition that will be held during the 51° Salone Internazionale del Mobile, in Milan between 22 April and 17.  

With the aim of becoming the first company in the world 2018 in the consumer electronics industry for Green Innovation, Panasonic will present an installation based on the concept of "Photosynthesis" to greet the advent of a new era: that of renewable energy. Environmental issues, such as the progressive reduction of non-renewable resources, are increasingly present and the need to create a sustainable society is becoming a common problem.   for many years, Panasonic invests resources for research and development of innovative technologies and to generate, accumulating the efficient use of renewable energy in order to reduce the impact on the environment: through the development of eco-friendly technology, Panasonic offers the possibility to lead a lifestyle that combines comfort and sustainability.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, an installation of solar panels will play the energy cycle inspired by the process of photosynthesis: from generation, storage (with batteries), energy efficiency (through the use of LEDs). Each phase of the cycle is controlled by a centralized management system. The artwork was designed by Akihisa Hirata, young Japanese architect whose artistic vision is inspired by the natural cycles and takes the form of a living and architecture.

"Photosynthesis is a miniature ecosystem"Hirata explains, "it can inspire a future artificial   in complete harmony with the natural order of the planet, with buildings and cities that become an integral part of the biosphere".

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