David Vecera to SKITCH/Paperloo

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It is made entirely of sustainable new cardboard Chess Board PAPERLOO designed by David Vecera for Skitcheven the pawns are laser-cut microwave cardboard as the body of the Board, which lends itself to both a game plan to regulate that a container.

"There was a time, too, where he tells of epic battle between two armies. All strutting in perfect rigor were rough soldiers schieratii. The infantry, frontline, examined carefully the enemy army while overseeing the massive towers typically battle from above. It felt beyond Fahmi nitrite of horses with a long mane of streamers but strict alfieri to be frightened, shewed as property guardians in defense of the Royal couple. A battle without blood and dead but hiss and twinkling of confetti mesmerised. Suddenly a voice:-and let battle commence! "






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