VALLI ARREDOBAGNO/JUN, a new system for the bathroom

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"The space emptied the full at a time lived intensely," thus was born Jun, bathroom container system by pure lines and rigorous that supplements the basic functions of the wellness area.

Jun, designed by Decoma Designconsists of monolithic containers, equipped with spacious drawers, integrated by a thick wood on which an elegant "throat" allows the opening of geometric spaces. Construction of mobile elements, original and innovative, allow various compositional solutions, symmetrical and asymmetrical, with the possibility of combining the mirror in various sizes with double side led lighting.
Completes the washbasin Jun acrylic composite recessed versions and top-mount, characterized by a small lateral surface area allows for better usability.



Designer | Decoma Design
Materials | MDF, IDROPAN
Measures | from 800 to 2400 mm w x 495 h x 475 p
Finishes | available in 10 colours, glossy and Matt

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