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Size, made of wooden hangers   born from the synergy between STYLEMYLIFE and the company But .GI & Co (artisan company producing wooden hangers in the fashion sector), exhibited at the Fuori Salone Milan 2011. The object is originated from an idea of the founders of STYLEMYLIFE, a company born last February to restore the proper luster and importance to creativity. A project with the aim

to shorten the distances between the designer and manufacturers, thus creating new opportunities for young designers. STYLEMYLIFE platform allows depositing projects of designers, giving visibility to the partner companies and create the opportunity to build prototypes or put into production, as the PRATONZOLO product, selected and produced by STYLEMYLIFE.


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0 # 1 Taís Mendes 3/27/2013 22:46
Gostaria de saber quantos cabides foram used, how serious or preço mais ou menos e isso é feito com aço? você Saber falar me invormar se existem empresas fabricando esse tipo de produto?

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