According to Dusk, Workshop with Giulio Iacchetti

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ACCORDING TO DUSK is the title of the workshop that the designer Giulio Iacchetti held at the Academy from Abadir 28 to May 31, 2012. The workshop is one of the first activities of the Department of Design Abadir and wants to be a way to experiment with forms of collaboration and exchange between training, the region and the world of design professionals. Abadir in fact encourages exploration of the Sicilian territory and field experiences and reservoir of images to process.

ACCORDING TO DUSK -title song a tribute to Franco Battiato-born within the teaching of the master in product design OUT [OF THE] DOOR, which opens to the exterior contribution of Giulio Iacchetti to explore the possibilities of volcanic material and experience its features in the manufacture of objects.
The workshop will end with a presentation open to the public of the work products, which will take part Giulio Iacchetti and designers who have taken part in the workshop.

The workshop is addressed to students of architecture, design and artistic disciplines, as well as professionals, architects and designers.


Giulio Iacchetti deals with industrial design since 1992. Developer activity alternates between teaching at several universities and design schools, in Italy and abroad. Distinctive characteristics of his make are finding and defining new object types, such as the Dormouse, multipurpose biodegradable so staid, in 2001, won, with Matteo Ragni, the Golden Compass and become part of the permanent design collection at the MoMA in New York. With the design and coordination of the collective project Coop Eureka, created for Coop Italy, brought the design in large-scale retail trade and characterized the new generation of Italian design. In 2009 this project earned him the award of innovation awards conferred by the President of the Italian Republic. The designer adds the artistic direction
for major brands such as iB rubinetterie, ceramic globe and il Coccio design edition. For Corraini Edizioni has edited the book Italianità, a collection of related objects, symbols, the smells, flavours and sounds which contribute to forming the conscience of the Italian people. In May 2009 the Triennale di Milano hosted a solo exhibition entitled ' Giulio Iacchetti. Disobedient objects ".
At the same time he continued his personal research into new project themes as that of the cross from which the exhibition is held at the Crucial Museo Diocesano di Milano in the spring of 2011, both in the Church of Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome in March 2012.

Students: 250 €
Pros: 300 €

Subscription requests must be received by May 21, 2012, including cv and portfolio in pdf format (max 5 folders) via email to: workshop@abadir.net

Three scholarships to total coating cost of participation will be awarded to the best portfolio submitted within the deadline fixed for the inscription.

Via Giacomo Leopardi 8
S. A. Li Battiati-Catania
Tel + Fax 095 725 23 10

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