Roberto Giacomucci to " da nido a guscio 2011 " SUN of Rimini

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Also this year Octagonin collaboration with the SUN-international exhibition of outdoor productsto be held at the Rimini Fair from 20 to 22 October  proposes the project; "Da nido a guscio", throwing a new challenge to the world of design for outdoor use: use the stone, ancient and noble material, to create items of street furniture.

Roberto Giacomucci participates with Buky, Carpet and Pebble, made by StaminalStone, Senigallia (AN). Designed for Senigallia, the projects respond to the need to create stopping places for the many bicycles. In the three proposals the stone is flanked by a modern and rational design that facilitates the placement in many different contexts. The design derives from a careful analysis of the territory, which includes both historical and architectural context and the link with elements derived from nature (sea and river). The chosen material is Carrara marble in Bardiglio, Paonazzo Calacata Vatican.





Pebble. Resumes the morphology of stones that are located close to the sea and the typical cobblestone many town centres. The simplicity of form, metal and marble, offers countless possibilities of accommodation spaces.




Buky. The ' structure ' of this chestnut Pan support for bicycle invokes the perforated stones from Phytophthora molluscs and allows a greater flexibility of use. Is designed for single use or proliferation, both on the seafront that in urban areas.






Carpet. Multiple bike primarily for the waterfront. Stems from the aggravation marble technology that creates a wavy effect to remembrance of the   movement of the sea.

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