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IKEA has sold over 40 million units worldwide since 1979 Billy library making it the world's best-selling library. To make the library more interesting and with a little more character ding3000 He added three components to the library, the ubiquitous "Billy Wilder" for more colors, "Billy Heidenreich" for reading and even "Stuetze" to give your bookshelve an entirely new angle. BILLY WILDER encounters

the primary expectation of a shelf to keep everything in order. It was designed as a playful approach to the theme "our daily clutter" and serves as a temporary storage place for unsorted books, magazines and newspapers. BILLY HEIDENRICH is a rack with a lectern. The shelf for books you can exchange with a apparnte and handy add-on. The lectern is modeled on classical samples and is easily integrated into the overall picture. Books and journals in any way tend to fall down in the shelves, STUTZE is the answer to this question. STUTZE is a small lifting floor plate addition to the shelf sides. So, books, binders and even single pages can be stored in an upright position on the shelf. STUTZE fits all variants of Billy and can be linked to mounting on both sides.



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