Luis Alberto Arrivillaga/PUTIA, first prize at MDFitaly + Cristalplant design contest

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Putia,  Luis Alberto Arrivillaga is the winner of the first prize at the   MDFitaly + Cristalplant design contest. Putia   is characterized by two fundamental elements: the materials and proportions. It is preferred to use duediversi materials in order to give greater value to both, so doing the one supports the other. Also sonodue total antithesis materials that produce a single link.

The table consists of a thin sheet of Cristalplant, which produces a sensazioned elegance and lightness, the legs are made of solid wood, which brings to the table strength and stability. The second key element are the proportions that, taken together, stimulate the Visual and tactile ones emotions. It is the angle at the heart of the project, but at the same time view, combines edivide. Ultimately from there the tactile sensation that extends over the surface of the floor up in the legs. The angle bends and this produces absolute continuity between the two materials. The name of the project, I decided by walking Putia among the narrow streets of Ragusa Ibla, Sicily; in Sicily, in fact, means workshop (crafts).





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