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Post-Gumwho chooses the circuit support of billboards, is multifunctional since name. Project evolution Stick Your Gum Here, Post-Gum looks like a poster from the colorful graphics and eye-catching.

Adaptable on the walls, fences or on special supports, is composed of 250 stickers (as post-it notes to remind you to not throwing down chewing gum) to detach and use to avoid dirtying the pavements of our towns. Not a simple manifest, then, but so much more. Starting from the economy. She why educate to respect of the environment, reduces the costs that municipalities should support each year to remove chewing gum.

Recall that, in fact, according to Aduc (Association for the rights of users and consumers)-Italy 1 remove chewing gum from asphalt costs 1 euro and the time required by this operation is 2 minutes. Five years is the actual disposal time for that spitting out of the mouth of rudeness many people and become a black spot on the sidewalk. In Ireland, the cost ranges from 3 to 20 euros per square meter. In Britain, you spend more than 240 million euros per year of disinfectants and chemicals for the removal of the tires, while in Germany, the removal of gum weighs 900 million euro on the common coffers.

After thorough studies already carried out for Stick Your Gum Here, Laura Martini, focused the attention of Governments and the public to the problem omdo proposing a new communication strategy easily found in most critical areas of the city, close to bus stops, schools, parks, cinema ...

To respect the environment and then to attack the rudeness, simply follow the directions imprinted on Post-Gum: Off-square chewing gum wrap-Throw it all in the trash. The civics solution comes from a poster that teaches good manners. And in what is not only a
simple poster to watch but to use, the milanese designer does not miss the irony and creativity to make it more appealing.

Fight the sticky problem of chewing is possible.

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0 # 1 vindhek 5/24/2012 11:49
Great concept, Laura Martini, and thank you for your review on my Vindhek/Findfence, conceptual art installation in Amsterdam and Utrecht. You call it: "A monument of RESPECT", I know you wil certainly and respectfully add my name on your blog (just like your name is mentioned here), best regards, Annemarieke Weber, Dutch social Design

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