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The Comfort Table Table and seating Joynt collection are among the innovations that LAKE presented at Salone del Mobile in 2012. According to the company's pay-off, re-designlife, they play with the flexibility of materials and components by changing the mode of interaction with the object itself.

Comfort Table
Design: Daniele Lago  

A thin sheet of 2 mm stands on four legs and solid deforms almost shifted shape under the weight of the hands and forearms. A pleasant surprise for those who supports. Her legs, covered in wood, are designed with clean lines, while the top is lacquered in polycarbonate.


Joynt Collection
Design: Harry Owen/LAGOSTUDIO 2011

Contemporary and versatile, the Chair and stools are jointed furnishings Joynt. Thanks to an integrated rubber joint in wooden frame support the movement of the body. The leg of the stool allows a slight swing, while the backrest of the Chair flexes backwards, supporting the back and returning a feeling of great comfort. They adapt to any environment.





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