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The reflection proposed this year by Interiors during the Fuorisalone focuses on the theme of inheritance or Legacy, what is left from the world of design   to the new generations, in terms of research, technologies, materials, artistic expression, the relationship with the great masters of the past, but also from the point of view of the culture of sustainability.

the installations in the courtyard of the University seek to give concrete responses through some international designers who try to suggest possible routes for tomorrow's design, in collaboration with technologically advanced companies that operate in the field of materials and construction technologies,

interni_legacy_009Photosyntesys, Akihisa Hirata for Panasonic

interni_legacy_010Architect's Eye Speech & Tchoban Kuznetsov with Taltos



interni_legacy_020Alessandro and Francesco Mendini Surface with Elegant Living

interni_legacy_021Flow Przemyslaw Stopa with Samsung Cheil Industries

interni_legacy_0253D X 1 multi slice view Odile Decq with Flanders

interni_legacy_028Into the Void – ion SOM Skidmore, Owings & Merrill with Carrara Marmotec and Martinelli Luce

interni_legacy_036XL Wood Monica Armani with the autonomous province of Trento

interni_legacy_046Village Mountains Zhang Ke/: StandardArchitecture with Camerich

interni_legacy_047Belvedere Michele De Lucchi-Philippe Nigro Artemis

interni_legacy_050Verge, Helen Selina, Paola Navone, to Be Open

interni_legacy_054Verge, Helen Selina, Paola Navone, to Be Open

interni_legacy_055Verge, Helen Selina, Paola Navone, to Be Open

interni_legacy_056Verge, Helen Selina, Paola Navone, to Be Open

interni_legacy_059Verge, Helen Selina, Paola Navone, to Be Open


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