Iacobucci HF |SYSTEM and W |SYSTEM at the Milan design Week 2012

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I |SYSTEM, new built-in element dedicated to the pleasure of coffee in pods, and W |Exclusive   system   SYSTEM of waste compacting new that Iacobucci HF will present at the Milan Design Week 2012

Ultra Compact, |  SYSTEM stands for minimum volumes  , occupying a space of width 15 cm    , less than half of the common built-in machine sizes available on the market. Thanks   electric connection and hydraulics and in the presence of water inside the tank |    SYSTEM ensures easy installation and maintenance. Designed to exalt the aromas of each coffee   quality lets you choose the favorite waffle and the volume in the Cup following the combination of every taste.
The   |SYSTEM also allows the provision of hot water for a quick tea and tisanes. The   Panel technology, back-illuminated and sensitive to only one slight touch, makes the use of the   |Easy and intuitive SYSTEM. Its small size and   linear design gives to the |A single   allure SYSTEM from decline in different environments,   from the kitchen to the living room to enjoy a good coffee in every  .  



Also for this edition confirms the   green       W's attitude |SYSTEM, recessed for compacting small   for a       easy-to-manage the volume of household waste.  -Derived technology Aeronautics unit looking for a simple design has enabled the creation of a unique product.   Using the electromechanical principle, W |System is able to unite the strength of   compact two tonnes reduced energy consumptions.     Made of high-strength aluminium, W |  SYSTEM allows you to shrink into their internal boxes, disposable and impermeable, all non-organic   like aluminum, plastic and glass with a reduction in their volume equal to 80%.     In line with the themes of eco-sustainability and a real contribution to protecting the environment,   cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and predisponibili for recycling.


IACOBUCCI products |HF will be exposed during the 51° Salone del Mobile in Milan, 17-22 April       at Boffi's Showroom in Via Solferino, 11.           |    System     148 mm X 300 mm X 320 mm   W |    System 302mm X 635 mm X 499.5 mm

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