Heineken presents "The Club" at Fuori Salone 2012

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On the occasion of Fuori Salone, 2012 Heineken presents "TheClub", the night club of the future concept (Zona Tortona). The origami will be the leitmotif of the project carried out by the best emerging designers worldwide under the leadership of Luc Schurgers and FabioRotella.

On the occasion of the Milan design week, Heineken has previewed worldwidethe end result of Heineken Open Design Explorations – Edition 1 "The Club", the concorsointernazionale involving the best emerging designers in designing a conceptdi modern and futuristic nightclub.April 17, 2012 onwards, via Privata Gaspare Bugatti 3 (Zona Tortona), is publicly finalmentefruibile "The Club", an exclusive pop-up signed local Heineken and inspired pressreleaseon "Changing Perspectives" as essence of nightlife, which will elementoricorrente and the origami "carrier" and the infinite variety of its transformations. "The Club "is the result of a creative adventure that involved 19 young designers national Milan, New York, Sao Paulo and Tokyo under the guidance of a team of global riconosciutiprofessionisti including Luc Schurgers, founder of the MiniVegas Group (which specializes in motion design), and Fabio Rotella, Wheel study (specialized in interior design).


To give their visitors a memorable experience and out of the ordinary, The Club grew out of a project that, by combining different disciplines-including product design, fashion design, motion design, and interior design – focused on the study of each individual item belonging to a nightclub, from the lights to the rooms up to furniture and the diinterazione mode between people. The result is an environment dominated by the image of origami that, anticipated at the entrance, continues in a flexible structure that divides the spaces inside the club and back, applicant, in cometema, in sofas and look for the staff. Even lighting becomes a major piece of furniture that features three diversearee, one blue, one red and one green, inside which everything changes color, including that of the Heineken Star Bottle bottles, that light up the night revealing beautiful origami invisible in daylight.With the intent of stimulating the interaction between people inside the room, The Club has created an interactive bar where you can order your beer and communicate through the innovative touch sensitive design ". Creativity and freedom to innovate are the hallmarks of a concept that expresses the open and international character of the Heineken brand and its consumers, self-confident, always attracted to new experiences and tend to socialize in any context.




The Club
Via Privata Gaspare Bugatti 3, Zona Tortona, Milan
Open from 17 to 20 April from 13

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