Givingshape/Gymbot personal trainer, the last concept of Ultimate Battle

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Gymbot is a concept created by Massimo Battle, and Givingshape design studio, presented at the ICSR 2011 design award.

2020 social scenario:
Obesity in developed countries will still be a big problem, young people and adults of all walks of life do not have a proper relationship with their body and with food.
Even though people are conscious of having a problem do not have the willpower to try to regain control of their lives and seek shortcuts often ineffective.
As demonstrated by several studies being overweight is not only a health problem, but it can also become an obstacle in social and working relationships.
Even today there are easy solutions promising miraculous results,   none of them can replace a strong will to change our lifestyle.
There is a need of a daily help that control and correct bad behaviors, give hope and encouragement to go on on the hard path that brings to a new life.

2020 technological scenario:
Over the past eight years, also thanks to the electric car industry, there were great improvements in lithium batteries making them smaller, more durable and economic.
Also technology and robotics become more advanced and affordable.


What Gymbot can do for you:
Gymbot lives with you 24 hours a day and teaches you how to take care of yourself on both food and physical side.
Gymbot encourages you to do physical activity, like a real personal trainer according to your physical state tells you what exercises to do and how to do them.
Gymbot evaluates your pulse and your health in real time to prevent any undue stress, also check your posture and if you perform the movements correctly.
Gymbot is able to quantify your progress and is also able to understand what and how much you are eating in order to give you advice on diet and physical activity "regulate accordingly.
Gymbot not only tells you how to do the exercises   with other people like you who are determined to improve their lives.
Gymbot is an innovative and proactive way to solve and prevent many health problems.
Gymbot helps you to win your lazyness, it corrects your bad habits and promotes an healthier lifestyle.


Gymbot techical description:
Gymbot is a humanoid robot with articulated joints, can mimic any human movement with ease, speed and precision.
Behind its helmet-viewer is housed a 3d camera with scanner function and thermal camera. Using a directional microphone can measure heart rate, and blood pressure consequently.
Fat mass index is calculated using two sensors of electrical impedance present in the hands of Gymbot.
On the chest there is a touch screen through which gymbot can show the exercises to be performed, the results achieved and whatever else you want.
Gymbot is voice activated and can interact smoothly in different languages.
Gymbot has a dynamic design to evoke its function of personal trainers, the humanoid form was an obvious choice because Gymbot must be able to perform any movement when accompanies the user during exercises.
I choose to create Gymbot   with a height of 160 cm   to ensure that it is not too high to intimidate but not too small to be useless for its purpose.





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Givingshape / Gymbot personal trainer, the last concept of Massimo Battaglia

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