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Outdoor music nights and dinners in the garden, on the mirror of the artificial lake that captures light and colours, will characterise the summer 2011 at Chiringuito in via Parma. Trendy destination and meeting proposals and tastes for a target together by finding the detail and quality in both fun and relaxation. The same detail that G-Design has been able to carry in the exclusive privèe, where the fusion between image and creates a unique atmosphere and glossy.

Born in 2008 in the privée of Chiringuito, movida summer worship local Virgiliana, Maze quickly stands as a "club" club and becomes in summer study opportunities for 2011 G-Design that puts the basis for its proposal for setting up the "fusion" of aesthetics and identity, to pack, to measure, a unique project and with a strong visual impact.

The suggestion of the mythical maze intricate designed by Greek architect Daedalus to confine the dangerous Minotaur, immediately becomes a cue for an ad hoc arrangement to be able to make unique the exclusive environment of movida privèe Wednesday night under Chiringuito.

Unique and suggestive, in which who enters gets lost in a maze of music and fun, the idea of the labyrinth flows from pencil and paint behind the djs who over the summer will occupy the privée console, with the skyline of the city of Mantua, a true complement to minimal and chic design. A project of artistic design of strong impact despite the simplicity for the G-Design feature to combine as the essence and the refinement of tailor-made and unique details that fully reflect the spirit of who you put in the hands of G-Design.


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