Emilio Nanni for Balan, Salone del Mobile 2012 preview

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The architect Emilio Nanni After the success of croissants, consolidates its collaboration with Balan. On the occasion of the salone del mobile in 2012 will be presented some new products and an expansion of the Croissant with collection table, available in both round and square.

Baseball stool
Stool with Beech plywood shell. Finish: whitened natural, lacquered black, white, red, Orange, yellow, Teal.   is a tribute to Baseball: the stool legs invokes the bat   and asymmetric shape of the shock, the Mitt. It's a friendly object suitable for characterising any environment: from the Lounge Bar at the counter home kitchen. The collection includes various heights of 45 cm stool, 68, 78 cm. Dimensions L x 42 w x 84 h 36 cm.


Croissant table
Tables with structure in beech and MDF lacquered. Various sizes and finishing solutions. It is provided with and without cruise leg binding  .In both cases the collection of tables to match a Croissant type   also perfect design combined with the Chair/armchair Croissants giving a perception of lightness and solidity.


Beech wood Chair with padding and upholstery in fabric, leather or cloth.The design of the armrest that becomes elegant structural support of the back through a skillful drawing of   joints, perfectly matches the functionality and design features. A remarkable reinterpretation of elegant upholstered dining chair for a place in a prestigious   in which the value of the detail is a plus   is essential.


Beech Chair. Performance and functional requests did not stop to realize an object of great elegance and lightness. A shrewd and careful study of the details enhance the unmistakable character to connote an environment of particular sensitivity. It is possible to equip the sitting of a lightweight padded cushion upholstered in cloth or leather.


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