Diesel With Foscarini/DUII MINI

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The base that recalls the paw of a duck, as the character "Disney material that was inspired by the name, and the speaker in the shape of a car's historic beacon have decreed the success of Duii, a fun and playful lamp which is proposed under the guise of a mechanical object dismantled and assembled at will.

The immediate sympathy aroused by Duii is now moved into a mini version, designed for bedside use but also flexible wall – thanks to the cable-free and easily transportable. The pressed glass diffuser and

metal stimulates the imagination and lends itself to different interpretations: remember, in fact, apart from the headlights of a car, even a workman's helmet, with a dip in the industrial world, or a shaven head with a single central Crest, like a Mohican, a historic symbol of Diesel in its punk and rebellious sense. The lamp, which ensures direct and focused lighting, finds its ideal position in a youthful style.

Duii Mini reduces the size but not the playful mood and personality, underlined by two proposals: yellow colour, which winks to the signs from "works in progress", or dark gray, which emphasizes the industrial mood. Always ironic style and unmistakable Diesel with Foscarini.


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