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declub the design outlet

Got underway from January 2012 a pilot project to promote the development of the distribution in Italy of furnishing of design: it's called Declub, is a web site that acts as a bridge
among the distributors of some of the major brands of furniture and the public. With one click you can get at most prestigious showrooms in Italy.

This is not a classical formula of e-commerce: selling points remain active subjects and manages a showcase where users will be able to see a variety of offers, with sizes and finishes, available immediately, and, above all, transparent and very competitive prices.

The reference marks which have given rise to Declub.it are Agape, B & B Italy, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Dada, Maxalto, Molteni & C, Poltrona Frau. Official resellers of these participating brands to bring into a broad range of network products among those on display, selected within the collections of the partner brands.

Resellers have the opportunity to talk directly with users who surf on DeClub.it, providing more information, details and tips on offers available. The range of proposals meant to be abundant, coordinated, consistent and guaranteed reliability: a contribution to the design of excellence offer present on the Internet today.

Strategic partners of the brands and the initiative is Jakala eBusiness, service companies for marketing on the net, which has developed a tool to broaden
the distribution of design furniture.

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