Contest "Souvenir Italiae" told in Italy a jewel

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Friday, May 18, 2012 at Vincenza, in superb Palladian room   of Palazzo Bonin Longare, held the demonstration contest awards   "Next Generetion Jewellery Talent Contest" in collaboration with Confcommercio and CNA.

A special occasion, the initiation of a procedure that Vicenza fair dedicated to young designers to offer you the opportunity to fit specifically into the labour market.

The activation mode of the system environment and young creatives, experts in the use of it tools, was greeted kindly by local Goldsmith's world, rich in experience.

Among the two hundred and fifty   young designers at international level (Italy, France, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Slovakia ...) to the first three Vicenza Fair's President, Mr. Robert Davis   handed a check into cash, the first twenty checked was given the chance to see their project by leading Goldsmith companies and participate in an exhibition in September at VICENZAORO Fall 2012.

The contest "Souvenir Italiae" is a way of telling new stories with jewel, drawing from the Italian cultural heritage.


Luisa Bocchiello, President of the ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), stressed the importance of synergy between   young people and territory, especially in the light of labour market problems, now in crisis, hence the hope for a revival through the new impetus provided by the young.

Dawn Capellini, Jewelry Design teacher at the Polytechnic of Milan, claimed the great cultural significance of which is carrying the jewel, the narrator of the story of the   territory, rich in memory and concluded that only a keen eye to the past will be able to project ourselves into the future so aware.

Gijs Bakker, distinguished designer recognized worldwide, has delayed rebuilding jewels   semantics that seals the sense of identity and belonging. He also highlighted the contradictory aspect that the same project lays down itself for different dynamic   implemented in the planning stages: a souvenir   must be valuable, practical, evocative and satisfy a broad audience; as President of the jury, declared himself satisfied because the ideas were many and interesting. In the end he wanted to return as expressed by designer Ingo Maurer, with regard to the work of goldsmiths "what they do in an inch I can't do".

Among the interesting proposals, the historical monuments of Italian plants; without doubt this is the heritage to offer to future   and guard jealously.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of the exhibition "The sustainable gem" by Riccardo Dalisi.

Striking the jeweler a. Buccellati, representing major world renowned Italian goldsmiths, who wanted to tell the story of a young Frenchman who, travelling with a caravan of nomads to the Italy of 1500, has produced a series of sketches, nominating his cahier "Souvenir of Italy".

The participating undertakings with their young designers are: Al-Ba with Cristina Novati, Ardovari with Alessia and Alessandra Rovagnolo Sadhana, Arly with Alessandra Mastroeni, Silver Italian Consortium with Anna Battle; Eddie Manzardo with Greta Lazzarotto, Fratelli Bovo with Anna Corraini; LCS Precious with Martina ash, Lovato Eugenio with Marta Messina and Serena Bottarini, Maxioro with Nikita Smirnov, Microvalle with Alessandra Barbato; Naoto with Corina Macnovit, Rigon & Rigon with Sofia Marinelli, Three with Marta Bonfanti, Silber with Helen Gorbunova, Veneroso with Micol Maria Rezky.

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