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  Cinderella   work has been conceived and created to praise the "made in Italy" and the refinement of Italian luxury products that everyone in the world can admire and tend to imitate.   Cinderella   is an unique work that idealizes the shoe has always been object of desire of all women and most sought after fashion symbol.   Cinderella   in its elegance comes as a sex-symbol on a base-case showing the most valuable object. In this sculpture was created with

dynamic equilibria and subtleties, the hardness of Belgium black marble is transformed into a fluid, sliding covers and materializes the idea. The eye flows on the heel from which rises at the edge of the can a tape that alludes to an ankle lacing a fictional Princess. With snake-like Sharp tailed, bewitches the woman and the man going on in them a desire for possession. The Strip winds down changing into petals or butterfly wings that gently caress the foot. The vertiginous heel from amazing subtlety knife blade gives the shoe a sensual momentum and at the same time, the metallic element gives an aggressive tone-transgressive breaking continuous curves with its verticality.   geometric Cinderella, an unrealizable dream: impossible to wear!




sculpture in black Belgian marble 50x40x18 cm       created by Emanuele   sculptor Rubies



The Cinderella artwork was conceived to give praise to products made in Italy and the elegance of Italian luxury products admired and even imitated all over the world. Cinderella is an unique work that idealizes the shoe as an object of desire for all women and a sought after symbol of fashion. Cinderella's elegance also embodies a sex-symbol. It is set on a base-the object rendering casket more precious. This sculpture was created based on the dynamics of equilibrium and thinness, the hardness of the black Belgian marble is transformed into a fluid silhouette, where the idea becomes visible. The eye flows on the heel from where it raises to a ribbon that entwine the ankle of an imaginary princess. With resemblance to a snake for it's sharp tail, it it bewitches both a man and a woman "triggering a strong yearning and desire. It sinuously crawls downward changing into petals or wings of butterfly that softly caresses the foot. The soaring heel with an amazing thinness like the blade of a knife gives a sensual rush and at the same time the metallic element gives an aggressive-transgressive breaking the continuous curves with its geometric verticality. Cinderella, an unattainable dream: impossible to wear!


Cinderella, who you are today?
I see you as the Emanuele sculptor
you drew from the sea of stone,
between black foam, marble cave
of other creatures, not yet born.
Who you are, if not an Italy of the moment?
From shoe boots woman's thong
Black opera virtuoso Alchemist,
that proves to be the Prophet:
of doom? No, the Cinderellas triumph.
The Cinderellas are all for gold.
She is the Italy and everything falls
the slender heel that climbs to heaven.
How to spiccar a flight
of people to save, human
Gospel's enterprise.
Lampedusa, Lampedusa!
Subdued is heard your spring singing
from the Libyan sea waves flushed with blood.
Is this a fashion of war,
a contagion of no escape?
Shall come, yea, Prince of the righteous,
This perhaps it will mean
the novello Emanuele in Turin of stone of Savoy.

researcher Gaetano thought Barbella
Brescia June 10, 2011

Self-taught sculptor, he works with the marble since 1997.
He participate at Italian and International Symposia
and important solo and group exhibitions in Italy.
His monumental works are in public and private collections in Italy.
The artworks of small and medium size are in private collections in
Italy, Spain, Germany, Lichtenstein, England, United States.
Born in Puglia, now he live and work in Carrara in Tuscany.

Self-taught sculptor since 1997 working marble
participates in Symposia of international and Italian sculpture
important personal and collective exhibitions in Italy.
His monumental works are in public and private collections in Italy.
The works of small and medium-sized businesses are in private collections in
Italy, Spain, Germany, Lichtenstein, England, United States.
Born in Puglia, lives and works in Carrara in Tuscany.


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e-mail:  forme.sculture@gmail.com
+39 3382323415 info

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