Andy Martin/Undergraduate Shelf, Meet My Proget, Milan design Week 2012

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andy martin Undergraduate Shelf

The London designer Andy Martin will present his new project of furniture to Meet My Project during the fuorisalone 2012, under the topic INSPIRATION.

Undergraduate   Shelf is the reinvention or re-inspired classical building in brick and wooden floors stacked one on top of the other until you obtain a library that is typically found in cramped student accommodation.

"When I was a student, in Sydney, in campus housing with 3 other students we have built brick shelves everywhere, have ended up forming the walls between us. In later years evolved with paintings and graffiti that dominated our space ".

In Undergraduate Shelf bricks are now in carved wood and lacquered. The blocks are connected together using a puck that allows some flexibility for the light movements of the wood. Andy sees this as "back to basics" to rid the complexity of contemporary furniture, giving you the ability to modify and redesign the user mobile.  

andy martin shelves_fin

andy martin Undergraduate Shelf Bricks Alone

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