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The last renovation of  SquareOne It is located in the basement of a residential building in the Centre of Bucharest, was once home to some of the most successful clubs definitely sexy 90 years, some of which have a notorious past and even dark. After 5 years of closing the Shade Club opened its doors to reveal a modern design that reflects the scandalous story.

The first of the three spaces defined within the club is also the largest and has a high density of structural pillars. Covering the pillars of mirrors and lights by applying three quarters on both sides on each, the columns seem to disappear and emerges a "forest of lamps". The volumetric model on the surrounding walls is CNC dense polyurethane foam painted white. Behind the model there are mirrors that continue the Visual effect of mirroring. The second space is a circular area surrounding the main hall. Given the form, designers have opted for an organic design that incorporates a Baroque decoration. The row of structural pillars were covered by a skin of Corian. It is a soft organic shape extruded vertically. Corian skin was incised with the graphic design CNC in the surface of the material, and then a special mold was made and the sheets of Corian worked have been thermoformed. For the semicircular bar in this space has been done exactly the same. The walls have a structure in MDF, thin and extremely flexible on which were cut the graphic designs applied to the surface. The smallest is quite isolated from the rest and is characterized by handmade graphics on the walls  .













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