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The Madrid Rio project mrío arquitectos asociados and West 8, which was published a long article  on Plataforma Arquitectura, has finally opened to the public after 6 years of work. For those unfamiliar with Rio Madrid, say that is an ambitious urban project that aims to link the valuable natural landscape with the urban environment, especially with the river Manzanares.

Rio Madrid is the most important place of the city of Madrid, in recent decades, and probably one of the most ambitious projects of public space built in Europe. In 2003, the city of Madrid has decided to plough in the first main section of the city's ring road that ran along the banks of the river Manzanares, along six kilometers, built 30 years ago, has led to the disappearance of the links between the city and its river, which was isolated, inaccessible and invisible.

The team led by Ginés Garrido, Porras and the chaste, Rubio Álvarez-Sala and West 8 won the international competition held in 2005 to implement the project of public space. The project, now completed, linking the city of Madrid with valuable external landscapes that surround it, and then the river Manzanares has become the link between the city and its geography, with the construction of a tree-lined Avenue corridor on its shores and a dozen bridges and footbridges crossing the neighborhoods-link and major infrastructure beyond the fragmented traffic.









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