Hangar Design Group plans new Deborah Milan flagship store

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The flaghsip store in Milan, Pavia and Verona by   Deborah Milano, Italian cosmetics brand known, occur with a fully signed by concept Hangar Design Group, marking the debut of the milanese fashion house in historical detail.

In the heart of Milan, shopping at number 58 in Corso Buenos Aires, was opened a few months ago the new Deborah Milan Store signed by Hangar Design Group, which are used to rotate the opening of flagship stores of Pavia and Verona, which enshrine the entrance d Deborah Milano in detail.

Arranged on one level about 40 square meters, the milanese brand of the historical Italian cosmetics House well illustrates the concept devised by Hangar Design Group, focused on maximum product EQ that becomes only protagonist of the space.

Bright, airy, the store confirms the importance of materials and colours used to return a proper mood to the needs of the customer: the atmosphere is rarefied and neutral while the concept adopts a design exhibition and rationality in an environment of great consistency and Visual unit to emphasize the various shades and shapes same cosmetics.

DEBORAH-milano-2012-0006 1

The shell of the store is candido, amplified by the reflective surfaces of the furniture and the ever-changing panels on the walls, echoing the vividness of the color shading in the neutrality of the declinations of white. Inmates waive any chromatic inflection to leave space to live color make up, real brand identity figure. Rigorous and extreme formal cleanness, the concept so lets leaked laperfetta synthesis between innovation and pop soul by Deborah.

Milanese space, as well as larger ones of Pavia and Verona, is hosting the full range, including not only the different make-up collections but also the range and human body. Thought of as a place of sale and as a point of reference where consumers can find advice and personalized advicethe store is a vetrinacreata to communicate the company's vocation to innovation.


Research and development are the key points of the philosophy that drove Deborah Milano to innovate constantly not only in the formulation of cutting-edge products but also to treat in detail the pack and packaging, often opting for organic shapes and tactile textures.

The flagship concept emphasizes the aesthetic dimension of color and pack, extending up to the space dedicated to the product set out in ordered series according to a Visual rhythm of pictorial inspiration.

Neutral walls stands the nuances on a changing the texture of the brand, which appears also outside in mirrored glass. Reflective material, satin or burnished steel, is also the façade, an explicit invitation to take care of himself and to enjoy a full immersion in the beauty world by Deborah.





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